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  • Feb 23 Legislative Alerts & Updates
    Here is a Feb 23, 2020 Legislative Alerts & Updates ~ Source: Wyoming Transparency Commission   Read more »
  • February 2020 Newsletter
    Well, the budget session is a little over half way, and as of no surprise the legislature is considering taxing us more and diminishing more of our rights. Here are a couple of links to a site that condenses many of the issues before the legislature and an excellent article… Read more »
  • Gun Control SF-80
    Here we go again, more gun control attempts by two democrats and a RINO who’s voting record has been more associated with the Left. Senate File 80, sponsored by Sen. Chris Rothfuss (D-Albany County) and Reps. Cathy Connolly (D-Albany County) and Dan Furphy (R-Albany County) will force a 3-day waiting… Read more »
  • Red Flag Gun Seizure Legislation HB-59
    ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation would allow judges here in Iowa to order your firearms to be seized before you have been charged, indicted, or convicted of ANYTHING! The complaint can come from an angry neighbor, an embittered ex-spouse, a former boyfriend/girlfriend and more. And the hearing to determine whether… Read more »
  • Newsletter Jan 2020
    It’s been a while since our last newsletter, and we admit we have been a little remiss in our writing. With that said, we hope to get more information to you regarding happenings around Wyoming, mostly regarding the political arena. Wyoming’s budget session is soon to start (first Monday in… Read more »
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  • “Universal Background Checks” for guns could trap YOU!
    Well presented, from my brother, Ron Lee Jones Jonesy Recognize A Liberal Lie For What It Is By Ron Lee Jones Liberals want “Universal Background Checks” and they are so proud of that idea because they think it is a “common sense” approach that will curb gun violence. This is… Read more »
  • The Supreme Court is NOT the ultimate in what is Constitutional
    Joel is a libertarian.  We go the rounds often. Joel, Your statement “Why can’t our Nation agree that what is constitutional is … what the Supreme Court says the Constitution says.” is total nonsense. Do you honestly believe the founding fathers left the entire government of the United States and… Read more »
  • Mormons Demand Reparations!!
    Here is an excerpt from the history lesson below, from 1839, which prompted me to write this. “While waiting in Washington, Joseph also grew tired of hearing politicians make grand speeches full of lofty language and empty promises. “There is such an itching disposition to display their oratory on the… Read more »
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  • Feb 26 Citizen AlertFeb 26 Citizen Alert
    Below are Committee and Chamber Floor Alerts (Senate floor schedule updates have been added.) Use these Legislative Emailing Lists for communicating opposition or support on bills. SENATE COMMITTEE HB0062 Senior health care special districts. BAD bill that requires citizen opposition. … creates separate, special health care districts for any person… Read more »
    Our 2020 WTC LEGISLATIVE WATCH LIST IS POSTED Click twice on Status Update Column (to sort by date) to see what bills are scheduled to be acted on today’s date.  Note that legislative leadership often play shell-games with committee & floor schedules for bills they want to push or kill. … Read more »
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More Wyoming

  • Gordon/Wyo Leadership: Million Acre Land Purchase Great for Wyoming
    By Governor Mark Gordon, House Speaker Steve Harshman, Senate President Drew Perkins, and State Senator Eli Bebout That is wise advice that we took to heart when we first became aware of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring lands in Wyoming into Wyoming hands. Occidental Petroleum recently acquired Anadarko Petroleum Corporation,… Read more »
  • Bob Geha: Construction Coalition Pushing for Trade Legislation
    By Bob Geha, Cowboy State Daily The University of Wyoming and the state’s community colleges are contributing to the effort to get more young residents involved in the building trades, according to the head of the Wyoming Construction Coalition. Heidi Peterson, whose organization hosted a lunch for legislators on Monday,… Read more »
  • Travel Wyoming: Western Wyoming Sportsman’s Expo in Rock Springs
    A plethora of items designed to make the great outdoors even greater will be on display this weekend in Rock Springs. The Western Wyoming Sportsman’s Expo will be held Friday through Sunday at the Sweetwater Events Complex. The expo, now in its fifth year, features vendors showing good such as… Read more »
  • Cat Urbigkit: House Passes First Reading of Land Deal Bill
    By Cat Urbigkit, Range Writing columnist On Tuesday afternoon, it took 19 minutes for Representative Steve Harshman (R-Natrona County) to introduce and describe to fellow House members revamped House Bill 249 allowing the State Loan and Investment Board to investigate and pursue the purchase of 1 million acres of surface,… Read more »
  • Dave Simpson — Splitsville: States Head for the Exits
    By Dave Simpson, Cowboy State Daily columnist BAILING OUT: I see on the news that some folks in Virginia, upset over gun control, want to secede from their state and join up with West Virginia. In Oregon, saner residents want to pull up stakes in that nutty liberal state and… Read more »
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  • Send Two Emails in Support of Your Gun Rights!Send Two Emails in Support of Your Gun Rights!
    I know that you’ve been hearing from us a lot lately, but with the 2020 ‘budget session’ only slated to last twenty days, there’s no time to waste. But the truth is, we have far less than twenty days to fight for our gun rights. That’s because during these budget… Read more »
  • One Week to End Gun Free Zones!One Week to End Gun Free Zones!
    While we are fighting to crush Senator Von Flatern’s FIX-NICS gun control bill in Cheyenne, that’s only part of the fight that we are engaged in. You see, while we have one week to kill off FIX-NICS legislation, we also have just one week to make sure that our legislation… Read more »
  • Legislative Session Begins Today in Cheyenne – It’s Time to Fight!Legislative Session Begins Today in Cheyenne – It’s Time to Fight!
    Moments ago, the 2020 legislative session kicked off in Cheyenne, meaning our fight to defend and expand our Second Amendment rights just went into high gear! Remember, session only lasts for a few weeks this year, so I need you to take immediate action so that lawmakers know what we… Read more »
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